Brands bet on outdoor advertising again!

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The unavoidable happened again. And as the majority of you could see, brands are betting on differentiation through the outdoor advertising.

The new advertising panel of Carlsberg already has gone viral in social networks. And It is no wonder! The Danish beer brand is giving a lot of reasons to talk about outdoor advertising with its new billboard advertising in which.. you can drink!

As you can see, Carlsberg has installed in Old Truman Brevery (east London) an advertising panel with a beer tap through which passerby can themselves be served a pint of Carlsberg beer. (It is controlled by special staff and It’s only allowed one per person)

For Carlsberg, the creativity and creation of this billboard advertising has been done by Fold7 and Mission Media. In line with its new brand campaign: “If Carlsberg did cartels”, the brand wants to surprise us with something that certainly is a different approach.

As said Dharmesh Rana, senior manager of Carlsberg UK:

“Queremos que la marca Carlsberg se enfrente cara a cara con tantos bebedores de cerveza como sea posible. Para lograr este reto tenemos que darle un enfoque diferente a nuestras acciones y no podemos confiar sólo en el gran potencial de la publicidad en televisión”.

“We want the Carlsberg brand come face to face with many beer drinkers as possible. To meet this challenge we have to give a different approach to our actions and we can not just rely on the great potential of TV advertising”.

In Marketing, the ambitious challenges require differentiation, originality and range. Carlsberg has shown us that advertising panels still have much to contribute to outdoor marketing. Without any doubt, Carlsberg will achieve the brand differentiation that it is looking for if It continues innovating.

mdonald sunriseThere are so many examples concerning outdoor advertising that have become viral we can not overlook them.

At the beginning of the year, we could see the billboard advertising that was created in Vancouver by McDonald’s.

Far from being a ordinary billboard advertising, It was a digital panel that only reveal what it was as the sun appeared on the horizon. In order to present his new Egg McMuffin, the fast food company known, once again, the best way to catch the attention of all viewers.

exteriorAnother billboard advertising that was created by the brand is, as you can see in the picture, the McDonald’s clock. You could know what time it was depending on the position of the sun.

This marketing action was created to promote the breakfast of the brand on a clever way to catch the attention of everybody.

Definitely outdoor advertising, or what is known as advertising that uses public places to develop, always finds a bigger, better and more fun surprising way to impress us. 

A fact that highlights and justifies the importance of lateral marketing. Because as we know, one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to marketing is INNOVATION. Without innovation there is no progress.

Due to the large boom and resurgence is having outdoor advertising as an advertising support, this was the big winner of the “Pitch Media” organized at #FOA2015 (The Future of advertisement). Read more about this in (Spanish website)

Other times I have already talked about other examples of outdoor marketing such as the living bilboard advertising of Ikea or the interactive shelter of Endesa. But today I came to talk to you about others examples that have also been known to leave us speechless!

It is the example of the billboard advertising created by Porsche near to Melbourne’s airport. This billboard advertising was responsible for customizing the message when the consumer was passing near the announcement.

Another example as impressive as the effect it creates, is the outdoor advertising that was created by Audi in Germany.

In order to continue with the brand philosophy “zero emissions” beyond (and in collaboration with Thjnk agency) the outdoor advertising expels, as does the new Audi A7 Sportback h-tron, a mist of water that creates an effect that makes the car silhouette appear and disappear overnight.

Finally and making reference once again to that outdoor advertising that you can drink, you must know the “world’s friendliest” billboard advertising.

Under the hastag ‘Hoy #compartíCocaColacon todo el mundo’ (I shared a Coke with everybody), Coca-Cola has launched its latest advertising campaign in Argentina for consumers to share their product and can feel the happiness of doing.

The brand has installed an outdoor billboard advertising that counts with a couple of seats where the Argentines are invited to sit down.Once seated, the billboard advertising acts as vending machine dispensing a couple of bottles, one for each of the strangers who have decided to sit for sharing.

As you can see, outdoor advertising doesn’t go unnoticed, neither It is outdated. The outdoor advertising more efficient and profitable than other types of advertising, because it also manages to create an impact with greater range in the target of the brand. You only have to know that if you want outdoor advertising, originality and creativity can’t miss!


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