Coca-Cola remaind us that Happiness is always the answer with ‘Ella’

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“Llega Ella” (‘She comes’) is the claim of the new marketing strategy that Coca-Cola Iberian is launched in Spain in the last days.

This new strategy is due to the change that the brand has made in its new glass bottle inspired in the Contour 1915. Although it was no easy, it has been a great chance that the change has arrived just now, in its 100th anniversary.

I spoke recently about the new Coca-Cola strategyfor its cans where red was the color that predominant in all the varieties. In order to consolidate a unique brand image, Coca-Cola is back with ‘Her’, the new Coca-Cola glass bottle that honors to the bottle that hundred years ago was the world’s first patented bottle.

Making honor, one more time, to the great certainty that “Doesn’t matter which one you chose, Coca-Cola there is only one”, the brand goes further and announces the launch of all this new packaging is unifying all varieties under a single design.

In contrast to their cans, the new bottle will be sold only in Spain. Although, as the responsible of Coca-Cola iberia says, ”if it works, the new glass bottle will also extended to other countries”.

11390293_1653489781539119_8802023773206923001_nHowever, there are some features that differentiate the new design of the old contour like the transparent label that mimics the original silk screen, the design of the bottle cap as distinctive of all the varieties of the brand, a standard measure of 80 ounces, or the retournable feature that makes it an even more recyclable bottle.

Without any doubt, the brand is doing a great job of marketing with the launch of its new packaging. In fact, if you want to know more about the official presentation of the new Coca-Cola glass bottle I encourage you to see the photos of the event in its Facebook page.

In addition, takin advantege of the launch of this new bottle, the company has launched “Reclamaciones” (Complaints) an advertisement created by Sra. Rushmore on June 15. As you would see in the video below (it is in spanish), Coca-Cola invites everyone to visit the bars and claim the good times we live in them.

A new advertising campaign, which as a continuation of ‘Benditos Bares’ (Blessed bars) campaign, aims to continue supporting bars and restaurants in Spain.

“Reclamemos la felicidad”

(‘Let us demand our happiness’)

As Paloma Cruz, marketing manager of Coca-Cola, says: the new commercial seeks to “continue providing our grain of sand to help the recovery of the bar industry showing all those good moments that bars bring us and people should thank.”

For people who does’t remember this old campaign of Coca-Cola in spain (Blessed bars), I encourage them to watch it by themselves!

Finally, and referring to the new glass bottle we are hearing about, the brand has already fully integrated it within its marketing communication. In fact, if you look good, we can see it on the spot ‘Families’. Also a new onle advertising of the brand whose claim is

“Happiness is always the answer”.

Created and produced by McCann Madrid, the campaign commitment to family diversity to unify the brand image and all its varieties.


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