Desperados generation, the generation that makes the rules

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Desperados, the beer with tequila of Heineken presented in Spain its new campaign of WOTD (“Way of the Desperados”). The campaign that tributes the young generation of nowadays and gives voice to the generation they represent themselves.

Created by the agency Tango, the brand has presented the video under the name “Marcamos las normas” (“We mark the standards”) in Neomudéjar, meeting point for young national and international artists in Madrid. Since this video was presented and published on his YouTube channel, it has become a viral success.

In fact, as we read in the description of the video:

imagen_noticia_13533“This is the anthem of the generation that was born to change the rules, challenge the status quo, break with the established. We, the animal instinct, which mark the rules and raise our voices so that not tell us what we should be, because “we are” and have come to change everything. #TuVidaTusNormas” (#YourlifeYourRules)

(Text translated)

This is a new campaign that portrays a generation of young people. Desperados generation, the generation that makes the rules.

“They expect all of us not wanting to help, we are good looking, also offset.”

The same generation of young people for some years now are critical as multiple labels. But if all you do is tell us offset, we are the same we undertake, study, and work at the same time. The young generation condemned to precariousness, to see their friends migrate to various parts of the world hoping to find their little corner in the sun or receiving an inheritance in securities that is not what defines them.

“We are our own business, is self start where opportunities. Facing nomads in my bag smiles, giving all the love people and not the city Treading”

The generation that is better prepared, but have fewer opportunities.

“They have not made it easy and they think we´ve had everything. We´ll arrive to the top just to shut up the mouth. We do not count sheep when we go to sleep, we count the meters toward the goals we want to achieve”

The song below is in spanish, but you´ve already read the most of its message. By the way, you can also listen it!

“Did you say Lost Generation? We put eggs, heart and noses.”

Undoubtedly the theme song is as catchy as real. Composed by the producer Wolfrank Zannou and starring by the rapper Daniel Terry, this video has become the voice of a whole generation.

Moreover, this new campaign is a branded content strategy of the brand. 

Branded content is a marketing strategy that takes place when a brand connect with the customer through storytelling. In other words, the content that a brand creates, we like it, we do ours, we share it, and if its needed, we sing it!

As part of a strategy of Inbound marketing strategy, branded content seeks to convey the values, emotions and thoughts of the brand through the storytelling (the art of telling a story) that adds value to the brand and its turn generates a much less intrusive advertising.

The key lies in find out more every day to consumers to know how they are, what is their situation is, what are their rules and what they NEED. And that is what Desperados has done. More than sell the product, What Desperados wants through this  branded content campaign is generate awareness and brand affinity.

desperados1I will not tire of repeating: Brands don´t want to sell products but selling experiences. Brands don´t want you to buy their products, they want you to love them.

As examples of branded content we could talk about many large brands such as Red Bull or Coca-Cola, however, today the grand prize has been taken by Desperados.

Returning to the beginning, “Way of the Desperados” is the claim that puts name to the latest strategy of the brand where Desperados, a subsidiary of Heineken, is seeking to differentiate from the traditional beer advertising. And it certainly, they are succeeding.

It is not the first time that the brand success with the marketing campaigns they carry out. Needless to remember the #RaptosDesperados (The kidnapping of Desperados) in 2012, an experiential marketing campaign of Shackleton and Tango agencies that certainly was a success assured for the brand.

I could tell you more about this campaign but “what happens in #RaptoDesperados, stays in #RaptoDesperados.” (The kidnapping of Desperados)

So, as the song of our generation says:

“Waiting for the perfect time to toast with Desperados”. 😉


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