Inbound marketing Vs Outbound marketing

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We’ve already talked about what is Inbound marketing as strategy. Seen the success it is having in the world nowadays, we’ll talk about what is, undoubtely, the strategy of the present and his beten opponent: outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is a strategy that is designed to attract potential customers to your company, do they know you, love you and want you.

Go chasing customers and send to them invasive advertising stopped working long time ago. Inbound marketing is based more on creating a strategy that, given the content as the star of our strategy, it comminicates through social networks and generates traffic that allows users to interact with the brand. Moreover, same users fall in love with the brand.

You can imagine what companies realized when Inbound marketing arrived to stay. Actually Inbound marketing has been doing before.; It was just called content marketing strategy.  The content must be relevant to the target audience. The content should get the engagement that makes a potential customer be interested in the brand.

Conventional advertising was OUT when communication turned bidirectional and customers began having a more active role. The brand is no longer who seeks the customer, is the customer who seeks the brand.

The new marketing generates content using any type of media (and if is neccessary invent them) in order to reach the consumer. Especially, the new advertising is different from conventional advertising because, after any other reason, advertising market has become into entertainment.

If you are interested to know more how was the transition between traditional advertising and new advertising, how are the roles that define us today and what are the foundations of the current marketing for the consumer, I recommend you read the post in which you will discover, we are all Bob.

Telling us the same thing, maybe a little bit more technical, this is precisely what distinguishes Inbound marketing from the old, rusty and obsolete outbound marketing.

Outbound marketing is the traditional marketing. The view of marketing about selling, where communication is unidirectional and the brand seeks clients through advertising.

When we speak of Inbound Marketing  we speak about attraction while Outbound marketing is synonymous of interruption.


A comparison I read and I liked so much is said by Lucas García, CEO of Social Mood:

‘Inbound Marketing is to go where people are instead of hunting in the jungle.’

With traditional marketing (Outbound marketing) it was massive, it offered no value and it entered intrusively to customers instead it attracting them. Inbound marketing has changed the rules:

“Do not interrupt what the user wants to consume, become what they want.”

Moreover, we have to consider that Inbound mrketing generates greater ROI (return on investement) and improves the reputation and the brand image offering customers value. 

Inbound marketing has knocked Outbound marketing. That is something as clear as we can read this article. However, there are still some companies who they haven’t opted for conducting a strategy or another, rather the combination of both is also a possible choice.


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