The three weapons of advertising: love, humor and surrealism

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How often we’ve tried to tell wathever and we’ve obtained as a reply something like “Are they paying you to promote them?. Nobody pays me, neither it is an advertising message. However, It is true that today I come to talk about the three big weapons who succeed in this communication strategy called advertising.

Firstly, we must understand and know that despite all the labels advertising has nowadays, advertising is nothing more than communication. The problem arises when we try to figure out what is hidden behind that objective communication strategy.

Moreover, as Philip Kotler says in his book “Marketing Management, general concepts”; generally advertising has three objectives: inform, persuade and remind. In order to achieve whatever the goal of an advertising campaign, brands turn to this three weapons that never fail: love, humor and surrealism.

When we’re talking about advertising we are talking about passion, values, excesses, tenderness, laughther, everyday life, luxury…; When we are talking about advertising we’re talking about touch the chord of people. Brands want to create a bond that call attention to people located on the other side of the advertising media.

“These three weapons, love, humor and surrealism, can be used in combination to get better and better results: a good joke to make us laugh with large doses of surrealism and a loving gesture to finish the play are holy hand to remove the terribilizaciones either. “

(Text translated)

It is easy to identify those ads that are loaded with emotional marketing because through love, they get touching the inner chord. LOVE for our loved ones, love for the values transmited by brands and with whom we identify with. Love of simplicity, love of exclusivity..; It is really easy to identify the emotional bond that most of the brands are able to communicate through their advertising strategies. Actually, that bond is not what sells, moreover it is what we demand. If brands are not able to project its brand personality, which is what remains of them in the market?

However, although humor and Surrealism may seem bit more complex, they are also closely related. And it is that these two weapons, rather than creating an emotional bond they are looking for surprise the viewer.

On the one hand, HUMOR not  takes the viewer from the negative state in which it is located; it also attracts attention, it is best remembered and it generates a positive preference towards the brand. However, humor is a dangerous weapon. You know, “Different strokes for different folks”, and humor doesn’t always have the same effect for everybody.

In the humoristic advertising is important to emphasize that the best jokes of situation does not arise from the imagination of some creative, but to write their own lives. The effect of advertising jokes consists in the character is not expected joke having use of absurd humor and situation comedy.

On the other hand, SURREALISM is that advertising weapon that thanks to a lot of fantasy and technology is able to leave cornered reality.

Not necessary to make use of the latest studies on Neuromarketing to give accounts of acceptance and rejection that the vast majority of viewers have a story in advertising. However, and thankfully, we have Neuromarketng. That science which studices the minds of consumers, their reactions, memories and decisions through a series of stimulus.

In this case, I would bet these three weapons work better separately, However, below you can see some examples where such strategies are merged to give as result the following adverising campaigns:

Finally, despite it is an old example, I couldn’t miss the advertisement of Mixta where the love between “Mixto and Mixta” is as surreal and funny as all other brand ads. Enjoy it! (Spanish advertisement)

And you? What other examples that fit these three weapons of advertising do you know? Tell us! We are willing to share them! 🙂


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