“Enamorando al consumidor”: the successful event of Marketing Directo.

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I will continue saying, let alone writting, that marketing is passion. Passion to communicate, transmit, educate, retain and satisfy.

If marketing is passion, emotional marketing gets to the surface all the senses. In fact, it is increasingly used as the main strategy by the big brands, rather than for just advertising, for its marketing.

It is clear that more than liking, we must love them. Brands know ir, marketers know it and why not, consumers too.

In October 2015 it was held the second edition of  “Enamorando al consumidor” an event of Marketing directo (The first platform for marketing, Advertising Ads and Advertisers). More than 300 attendees, 29 presentations and 46.000.000 impacts has marked it success.

As an ideal opportunity for many marketers to meet, this event has been crucial for analyzing the situation of the sector, to discuss future challenges and understanding the keys of consumer’s behaviour. Without any doubt, a unique event where there has been talk of emotions, neuromarketing, social networking, branding, marketing content, Storytelling, innovation, and much more.

Here in Living marketing, we like to learn and share what we’ve learned. Today especially, we could not pass up the opportunity to speak to this special event.

I encourage you to begin seeing the presentation of Manuel Chao and Marta Campillo, digital marketing manager and strategic account of Hello Direct Media Group. (It is in spanish)

We know that brands must be relevant, they should be part of the lifestyle of people. But… How to get consumers to fall in love?

Firstly, we should know that a consumer doesn’t fall in love, the person falls. From there, these are some tips that Marta Campillo says:

  1. Generating valuable content that connects with the lifestyle of people. If we want to sell, we’ll advertise. However, if we want to seduce, we’ll create relvante content.
  2. Customizing and fidelizing. Creating experiences to connect with the brand.
  3. Becoming customers into protagonists: They will generate by themselves such relevant content .
  4. Innovating, making creative use of technology.
  5. Analyzing and measuring the return on qualitative and quantitative way.

Brands want such love that they called themselves Love Brands. They want to be ‘Love brands’. However, brands should provide real solutions to people’s life. Is then when they will love them.

And speaking of Brand Love I recommend you the presentation of Eva Rodriguez, director of digital marketing, e-commerce and communication in L’Oreal. 

Love, conquer, communicate … If you go to a client and say it has to invest in branding, the first thing he will ask is how much will it cost? The truth is marketing is having a brutal costs in communicating.

As Álvaro Romero, digital transformation manager in Accenture Interactive, says:

“We are facing a future in which personalized services and connected devices are positioned as the norm as we move into:  the digitization of everything. Digital is the new standard since there is no distinction between online and offline and the service is the key to success. “

“To change the model and move forward we must start from the beginning. Seduce customer understanding it and designing unique experiences that will cause a reaction. We must connect the knowledge of the industry with the approach of the experience”

There have been many presentations and therefore learning we have drawn from them. If you want to enjoy the rest of the presentations and videos of  the event “Enamorando al consumidor” you can do it in its  You Tube’s channel.

As a conclusion I recommend you to read the recopi compilation of the 20 best quotes from marketing professionals who attended the event. We’ve chosen this one

“Both brands as with love, we enjoy more with everything that involves the relationship. For this reason we try to surround each product of sensations.” (David Moreno, CCO & founder de Hawkers).


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