ESPRIT celebrates the perfect you in its new campaign.

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What is perfect? Definitely is a great question that this brand launches to everybody in its new campaign.

Esprit Holding Limited, also known as ESPRIT is a manufacturing company of clothing, footwear, accessories, jewelry and household items. This Fall/Winter 2015 communication strategy raises questions of perfection and imperfection, celebrating individualism. The selected campaign look represents the sentiment of unbridled freedom of expression characteristic of the 1970s and the early founding days of Esprit.

Is interesting to highlight how a fashion brand wants to create such a kind #ImPerfect movement like this and break away from all the myths that have represented fashion since the beginning of time.

Actually, ESPRIT is not the only brand thatr is developing this kind of campaigns. In 2004 Dove launched the Real Beauty, a campaign that served the brand to repositioning its image and emphasize the values of the brand.

Also a campaign in which the real beauty of the perfect you. Therefore, in this campaign is all about the message that you’re prefect just the way you are. The message that are the imperections what make just you perfect, that makes you, YOU.

ImPerfect is a message that aims to empower the individual to love all those little imperfections and different ways of being, qualities which render each of us perfect in our own right. It is an invitation to experiment with fashion. With its simplicity and double meaning, the campaign allows viewers to make up their own minds concerning what ImPerfect means to them.

Actually, I must confess I’m writing this post because of I care how brands decide its marketing strategiesdepending on how society changes and consequently, their own customers.

Marketing is analyzing. Likewise in a relationship we knoe our friends and the thing they will most like; marketing must know and understand those for whome exists.

IMG_3063”With the campaign, we are connecting back to the roots of Esprit communication and the early days of the brand, reinstating the empowerment, the passion for a cause and the human spirit that has always been in our DNA”, comments Arnd Müller, Senior Vice President Head of Global Marketing and Member of the Executive Management Team. “We believe the campaign will resonate with today’s younger generation in a distinctive and authentic way.”

Finally, I will say that I was walking along amsterdam when I saw the poster of this advertising campaign. Maybe it was because of the message or it was because I like marketing. Whatever it was, I decided to read about it and tell you.

Esprit brings together everything that makes you be yourself. The secret to finding the perfect style, as with beauty and life, is in the eye of the beholder. In the case of fashion, if you choose a look that makes you feel good, you’ll never go wrong.

In the latest post I have been talking how increasingly brands embrace the chance to generate engagement with their marketing campaigns. Desigual, also a fashion brand, defends that is not the body what is dressed up by the brand, people are.

Let’s celebrate and embrace who we are, rather than striving to be like everyone else.

If you want to know more about ESPRIT you can do it here. Go on your own way and as the brand suggests, share you picture, and join them to the #ImPerfect movement!


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