The dreams of Suchard, the dreams of all of us.

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There is some years ago I have been saying that Marketing is matter of love. Sometimes it is easier than others, but undoubtedly at Christmas time, wrods are unnecessary.

Are becoming more the numbner of brands that  are joined to which is certainly a tradition for advertising on these days: The Christmas commercial.

Rather than by conventional advertising, brands are driven by Christmas to create, develop and give life to marketing campaigns than in addition to seduce us, they have a common goal.

Christmas is synonymous with magic and celebration. But Christmas also means solidarity. For that purpose, thanks to the brand nougat Suchard born “Hecho con tus sueños.” (“Made with your dreams“)

As I told you in 2012, “Made with your dreams” is more than a marketing claim or a song. It is a charity project that is conducted by Suchard through Internet in order to donate all the benefits to the NGO Food Bank. (Banco de Alimentos)

The first to sound live and make known the project by then were the singers of the spanish group Maldita Nerea. The agency Bassat Ogilvy was responsible for all the marketing activities also developed including the production and realization of the advertising spot, or the promotional launch in the train station of Nuevos Ministerios (Madrid) on 20th November 2012. Besides, the digital strategy was developed in social networks being one more time Facebook the responsible for collecting the dreams of everybody.

Since then, every year for Christmas, Suchard is responsible for donating all the benefits made with the campaign in adittion to a total of 7.000 tablets of nougat candy to help thousands of families to celebrate the dreamed christmas.

As Katinka Cebrían, brand Manager of Suchard, said in 2012:

For over 50 years, nougat Suchard has noted the magic of Spanish families in Christmas. Therefore, this year particularly difficult for many of them, we decided to realize the claim ‘Made with your dreams’. A song  Inspired by the more than 7,000 dreams of spanish people who have shared their dreams with Suchard over the years and it has become the title of the song written by Maldita Nerea.”

From the beginning of the campaign until today, it has been 4 years in which the brand has renewed his song and apparendtly the purposes of it.

As always you can find out more about the current brand campaign in its website. However I would like to anticipate that this year, more than the original “Made with your dreams”, the brand invites you to let out the child in you.

Furthermore, and everything has to be said, the website that we have this 2015 is a much more interactive web where you will find their experiment and you can enjoy christmas, on one hand from the point of view of children and on the other hand from the point of view of adults. Videos that are also available in its website and in the Youtube channel of the brand.

suchard 2015After all this come to tell us once again that this Christmas let out the child in you.

Probably our perspective of christmas changes as everything change when we grow up, but despite of any change, christmas has some magic that no amount of marketing can create in the world. And that magic, even when you are a child or an adult, is within everyone.

suchard2015 web interactiva

Regardless of the brand that makes the campaign and the product is marketed, marketing continues to possess the ability to focus all together in a final beneficiary. Both physiological and emotional level, what you remind is what matters.

For curious people, the original song “Made with our dreams” was starred  by Efecto Pasillo ft Leire in 2013. One year later we sang the version of the song starred by Funambulista. And nowadays, in 2015, are the voices of children who invites us to join them!

In my view, and as a conclussion, I attach below the commercial that reminds us that at Christmas, everything a child needs is another child. Enjoy it! 🙂

Finally and without needing to be added, the brand has been building on the success of each season to increase the range of products  of the brand and redesign the packaging in order to improve the visibility and the appeal of the classic nougat Suchard.

As every year, Suchard tablets are drawn to those who record their version of the song and share it on the social networks of the brand.

It’s time to sing, get the kid in you.

Christmas has finally arrived.


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