B the travel brand adds to the entertainment retail with the opening of its new flagship store in Madrid

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The constant creation of experiences for the consumer is changing the way brands interact with them. However, rather than actions related to marketing strategies, we talk about a new concept that has come to stay.

In fact, this is not the first time we talk in the blog about  Retail Entertainment and how this merger between entertainment and experiences strengthens, among many other benefits, the relationship with customers .

Actually, what coyld be better for the creation of those experiences than a flagship store? Far more than just a store, they are marketing in its purest form.


Upon these two new pillars it has emerged in Madrida new concept of experiential travel agency. Situated on the street Miguel Angel 33 (Madrid), B the travel brand Xperience, puts a name to the new Flagship Sotre of B the travel brand.

Aiming to create a new culture of travel betting experience, this flagship store also will change how to interact with the brand by offering much more than the purchase of trips. I mean,  the travel Brand Experience B has been created in order to inpire people before they can organize a trip, learn about the places they travel, learn about everything that matters to a good traveler, co-create and share experiences with other travelers; plus of course, plan and purchase trips in a very different way.

The journey begins before the trip, when the consumer starts to imagine it, to brainstorm and plan for it.

In the words of Enric Riera, CEO of B the travel brand, “This large space aims to be at the height of new travelers, their new demands and hopes to lead real and with them, the implementation of a new travel culture”.

2015 is being a great year for the brand. Rather than by opening of the new Flagship Store in Madrid and the opening of other distinguishing new stores om  Barcelona, Valencia, Lisboa and Oporto, because of the rebranding that has transformed Barceló Viajes into B the travel brand. 

As previously mentioned, the world in which we live has changed, and if there is anything that something that predominates brand experiences that are offered is entertainment.

Do you know that results from adding trips to enteraintment?

Exactly. Disneyland París.


Special collaboration with whom the brand could counted the opening day thus bringing the magic of the universe to its flagship Disney Store.

Without any doubt, B the travel brand Xperience promises to be full of content for all space travelers; more than a brand experience, a new way to travel.

As Gabriel Subias said: “This great space represents the orientation traveler that we have proposed in the brand and makes it happen. It’s certainly a milestone in our strategy that places the new traveler as protagonist and center of all our business, understanding your new way of live the journey as a new global experience and accompanying him during all phases of the journey. “


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