Coca-Cola presents its new global positioning campaign with “Taste the feeling”

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We all know that Coca-Cola likes to launch campaigns in the big way. In 2015 we commented the new campaign launched by Coca-Cola in Spain to reinforce the brand image under a common strategy.  However, this time we are talking about something bigger.

Away from the “Open Happiness” campaign that it had been using for nearly seven years, Coca-Cola has launched “Taste the feeling”, a worldwide campaign that pretends recover brand value, enhance their image and positioning, and attract more notoriety and potential customers.

As well as under the slogan “Open the Happniess”, with “Taste the feeling” Coca-Cola pretends unify all its brands (Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Diet Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero y Coca-Cola Life) under a common brand image.  A new positioning that, as well as reinforcing the value of one of the most recognized brands in the world, proves once again the greatness of Coca-Cola in its pure state.

The brand has comitted to display advertising and commercials to show us the essence of “taste the feeling”. Furthermore, the new campaign will feature universal storytelling with the product at the heart to reflect both functional and emotional aspects of the Coca-Cola experience.


A new era has started for the brand of happiness, a brand that has always invited us to discover happiness and now invites us to taste it, feel it and live it.

“Coca-Cola wants the world to stop opening happiness and instead focus on tasting the feeling of drinking a Coke.”

A campaign for which they have worked together the Spanish agency Mrs. Rushmore, the Argentinian Santo and Market McCann and a subsidiary of New York Ogilvy network.

With a new visual identity and a new musical anthem produced by Avicii and featured by Conrad Sewell; Coca-Cola also presents us the digital experience that accompanies the campaign: GIF the feeling. A platform to create GIFs through images of the campaign and the message that you want to write. Once you have your GIF ready, you can share it on social networks.

As Marcos de Quinto says, “Taste the Feeling” will bring to life the idea that drinking a Coca-Cola – any Coca-Cola – is a simple pleasure that makes everyday moments more special.” This is reason enough to explain the bond that develops between the brand, its product, and its consumers.


In factRodolfo Echevarria, the company’s global vice president for creative, defends that the new campaign is “very much about living in the intimacy and simplicity of … moments”—with, of course, a bottle or can of Coke in hand.”

 “The bigness of Coca-Cola resides in this humbleness, in its simplicity.”

Talking about Coca-Cola is much more than talking about marketing. When we are talking about Coca-Cola, we are talking about its imprint, its personal brand. A brand with a great personality who is the market leader of soft drinks, in addition it has shown us how Coca-Cola is for everyone.

Finally I attach you the first six spots with which Coca-Cola has launched  “Taste the feeling”. Enjoy them!


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